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My Latest Grocery Haul in August


This is my latest grocery haul for the week of August 15. After a rather large haul the previous week,  I went to Aldi on Sunday to pick up a few things. I had a budget of $40.00 but went slightly over it. The fish fillets were finally in stock at our local Aldi and I decided to pick it up. I'm not sure if they will be there next week. Check out my list for this shopping trip where I spent $42.59. I update the list on my phone as I shop to get the most accurate estimated total before checkout. Learn how to make your own list with prices from our SuperGroceryLists site with the following posts:

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Spending Totals So Far:
Week 1: August 1 & 3, $125.77 + $22.27 at Target
Week 2: August 8, $229.73
Week 3: August 15, $42.59

August Budget Remaining: $80.18