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My February Spending Totals


Here are my spending totals for the month of February. I ended the month $8.48 over budget (in my mind I am hearing the wah, wah, wah sound from game shows when the player did not win the prize). I was so close to my $700.00 budget.

Two Lessons Learned This Month

Number 1:
Last Sunday, I shopped Trader Joe’s with the list I made the day before, making sure the estimated total put me under my $700 budget.  I had about $96.00 left to shop with after adding up all the receipts, or so I thought.

While in the store I decided we really should eat more fruit and didn't purchase the chicken tenders for $7.99. We had enough protein at home for the week and half of the family doesn’t even eat the chicken tenders. So, I found a two-pound bag of organic apples for $3.29. Yay in the cart they go! Then I debated a container of grapes, knowing if I put them in the cart I would be slightly over budget, I hesitated but the grapes won. So, I placed them in the cart.  At the end, I thought I was $2.10 over??? What that's strange... Well, ­­­­it turned out the 2 lb. bag was 3, and the price was $4.99. Oops, I didn’t look at the packaging to realize that the sign was wrong and check the price.

Lesson Learned: make sure the size of the package matches what the price says on the sign.

Number 2:
After thinking I was $2.10 over budget, I realized my initial math was wrong. Upon further review of my receipts if preparation for this post, I noticed I was missing a receipt for the bread I purchased at ShopRite on a weekday. You may ask "why not buy your bread the other stores I shop at?" Good question. I prefer the Omega Me Crazy variety of bread by Schidmt Old Tyme. It's usually on sale at our local ShopRite for $2.99 - $3.49. That day I was running errands at Dollar Tree and CVS, so I used the opportunity to get in my steps by walking from the parking lot to ShopRite.  

Lesson Learned: put grocery receipts away and record the amount spent the day you shop, especially if you pay cash.

My Grocery Hauls for February

Check out what was in my shopping carts this month. I shopped at Aldi, Costco, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods Market for the majority of our food purchases in February. Since I live in an area with several choices for grocery shopping, I can shop multiple stores without spending extra time and money on gas.

February 2:
Target: $8.35

February 3:
Trader Joe's: $78.52

February 5:
Whole Foods Market: $70.41
Aldi: $44.43

February 7:
Aldi: $3.29 (I went for the denim jacket and picked up the spreadable butter because we were running low)

February 10
Costco: $130.81 (this total is for food only. I purchased a Cinemark™ gift card.)
ShopRite: $15.95

View my Costco grocery list here.

February 12
Aldi: $33.63

February 13
ShopRite: $22.68

February 17
Costco: $62.52

February 20
Aldi: $82.92
Trader Joe's: 60.09

My Grocery Hauls for February 26

February 26
Aldi: $42.16
Trader Joe's: $52.72

View my shopping list for February 26 here.

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