Costco Price List

UPDATE: February 17, 2020

Here is my price list for some of the items found at my local Costco. More prices will be added as I shop. Keep in mind prices and products may vary by region.

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My Grocery Hauls for the Week of February 2!

Off to the grocery stores on Sunday and back again on Wednesday for something I seldom buy... juice boxes. Unfortunately my youngest son has a field trip this week and they need disposable snacks. I spent a total of $112.05 at Whole Foods and Aldi this week.


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My Costco Grocery Haul for February

Ahhh, the first of the month and off to Costco we go. I went with our youngest child on Saturday after the monthly Home Depot Kids Workshop. I spent $64.32 so far this month.  Below is my shopping list for this trip. Good news, the store had all the

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