Aldi vs. ShopRite for the Week of July 8!

See how the prices at Aldi compare to those at my local ShopRite this week! Since the majority of brands are exclusive to Aldi, I find the most comparable item at ShopRite for the price comparison. My latest weekly grocery haul can be found here. Check your local store's weekly

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My Weekly Grocery Haul for July 8!

Here is my grocery haul for the second week of July. I spent $96.62 at 3 stores, so far. Below are the lists I used to shop the stores this week.

I spent $21.05 at Whole Foods Market

I spent $52.37 at Aldi

I saved over 38%

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My $100.00 Costco Grocery Haul for July!

Happy July... and I am off to Costco with $100.00 to spend. That's it and not a penny more. This month I left enough wiggle room on my list for granola bars and other snacks for camp lunches. The 2 additional items did not send me over my budget

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