Our $600.00 Budget: January Spending Totals
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Our $600.00 Budget: January Spending Totals


Here are the monthly spending totals and shopping lists for January 2022.  

About the Budget:

I shopped for a family of 6 in January. That includes 3 adults, 1 teenager, and 2 elementary aged children. With a freezer full of chicken and turkey from previous Aldi shopping trips, where they had 50% off stickers on them, I was able to keep the spending within our $600.00 budget.

The Grocery Haul Posts:

My Shopping Lists:

  • January 23
  • January 16
  • January 9
  • January 2
  • Stocking Up

    • January Totals So Far:

      December Stock Up: $261.81
      January 2: $79.38
      January 9: $61.42
      January 16: $65.19
      January 23: $133.37

      Subtotal: $601.17
      Return: - $2.99 (need to return a loaf of bread whose plastic inner wrapper was broken.  The bread had, what appeared to be, sections of lighter looking raw dough)

      FINAL TOTAL: $598.18