How to Create a Grocery List from the Aldi Price List
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How to Create a Grocery List from the Aldi Price List


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Create An Account

  • Clicking on Create New Account will take you to the sign up page.
  • Please fill out the form and click on Sign Up.
  • A page asking you to check your email will be displayed (as shown below)

If you do not see a confirmation email in your inbox, check your spam folder. The confirmation email will be similar to the sample below.

  • Click on the confirmation link in the body of the email to confirm the account.
  • Once you click on the confirmation link, you will see the welcoming page below.

  • Click on Sign In to be redirected to the sign in page (see below)

Signing In

  • Fill in your email and password to login.

  • Once logged in you will be redirected to your ‘home’ page (see below).

Creating Your First Shopping List

  • Click on Add list. It will take you to the new list settings page. Give your list a name, choose Aldi as your default store, then press Save to create your new list.

  • After you click Save, you will be returned to your home page. Your new list (Example) will appear as the first list.

Adding Items from the
Aldi Master List to Your New List

  • Open your new list by clicking on the list name (Example) or the letter 'S'. The empty shopping list is shown below.

  • Note the check mark is now a zero, as shown below.

Finding An Item

  • In the search bar, begin typing the product name. The list will generate results when 3 or more characters are entered.
  • For this example, I searched for bagels by typing bag.
  • Click on the item(s) you want to add to your list. The item’s letter will turn into a check mark.

Copy Items To Your List

  • Return to the top of page and click on the 3 dots to the right of the number.
  • Notice the '0' has changed to indicate the number of items you selected. In this example, there is a ‘2’.
  • Choose copy from the drop down menu.

  • As shown below, a window will open up.
  • Click on the down arrow to select the list you want to copy your items to.
  • Hit OK to save your selection.
  • Repeat the steps for other items you want to copy. (Make sure you click on the check mark for each search).

  • Return to your homepage by clicking on the ‘My Lists’ icon in the grid, as shown below.

Review Your New List

  • To view your list, click on the name.

  • Click on an item to edit, if necessary. Prices may vary depending on your location.

Use Your List to Shop at Aldi

  • After you have made your list, click on the 3 vertical ellipsis (more button) in the upper right of the screen. There are 4 ways to use your list to shop.

  1. Print: your detailed list will print with the estimated totals.
  2. Email: option to send both an html and CSV file to any email address.
  3. Download: a CSV file will be created in a spreadsheet program.
  4. SGL: Use the website in the store. Open the program in your phone and select your list. Below is an example of an opened list.

    In the example below there are multiple stores on one list. A drop down menu will open when clicking on the 'S' to fo into shopping mode. That mode allows you to see only the items in the store you are shopping at.

    As you shop, mark the item in-cart by pressing cart. Your in-cart totals will adjust as you shop. The Cart will turn green when pressed, as shown below.

    Edit a price or quantity purchased while in the store and your estimated totals will reflect the changes.

    I use this method because most of the stores I shop at have decent wifi connections, except for the walk-in produce cooler at Costco. I can adjust my totals while shopping.

More How To posts coming soon!