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My November Grocery Hauls!

Updated: November 12.

After weeks of stressing over the expanding budget, I've settled on $125.00 a week for a family of 5 (6 when oldest is home from college). That is split between Aldi and Whole Foods Market. As a Prime Member, I take advantage of the 20% off

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NEW Aldi Price List...

LATEST UPDATE: November 11, 2019.

Here is the latest Aldi price list with unit pricing for our local Aldi. Keep in mind some prices may vary depending on your location. The tag at the front of the price reflects a sale price at the time of the update. Check back

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My November Costco Grocery Haul

I spent $76.28 this month. That is well under my $100.00 a month Costco budget but not by design. Costco did not have organic strawberries and they no longer carry the pumpkin seeds that I like.

How I Use What I Buy...

Blueberries: Used in oatmeal, pancake topping,

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A Budget Busted... My October Spending!

I am not a financial expert and don't claim to have all the answers but I approach this blog with honest numbers. Which is why I must say that the last 6 weeks have been challenging. I initially set a $100.00 monthly budget at Costco and a $100.00

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