My Latest Grocery Haul for the Week of January 16!
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My Latest Grocery Haul for the Week of January 16!


Well, I went to 3 stores this week, in 2 hours. Although, I'm trying to limit the number or stores I shop at, besides Aldi, it's hard to pass up a good deal. This week there was great deal on toilet paper and better prices at ShopRite for a few items:

  • 4 lb. Bag of Oranges: $2.99
  • Broccoli Crowns: $0.99 per lb.
  • Cage Free Brown Eggs: $1.99

In addition to, Aldi and ShopRite, I went to Whole Foods Market because I had a $20.00 gift card I earned through Ibotta. There were a few items on my shopping list that I did not pick up. I added tea at ShopRite for our oldest, who has a birthday later this month and is moving in 2 weeks. I joked with my husband about the tea being considered a birthday gift and not part of the budget! I factored in the $1.88 on the list.

My Grocery Totals:

Aldi: $30.02
ShopRite: $24.13
Whole Foods Market: $11.04

Weekly Total: $65.19


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Additional Purchases:

I found the 'Awesome' Pan at Aldi on Sunday. I haven't used it yet but am excited to cook in it.