Stay on Budget, All New Price Search!


Try The Price Sheet: A New Price Search Feature!

Click Price Sheet from the navigation menu or here to access SuperGroceryLists. This opens a new window. The Price Sheet combines the Aldi Price List and Costco Price List with prices from Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods Market in one search tool. You can also search for weekly Aldi Finds that date back to August 16, 2020.

What is on the Price Sheet

  • Date: the Price Sheet is sorted by the most recent date a product was updated. The Price Sheet is sorted by date when it is first opened. The most recent items added or edited will appear first.
  • Low To High: all items will be sorted by price. The lowest price will appear first.
  • High to Low: all items will be sorted by price. The highest price will appear first.
  • A to Z: sort the list in alphabetical order.
  • : search for coupons.
  • : filter for stores and specific lists.

How to Use the Price Sheet

Start typing your item's name in the search bar: Without clicking an individual item’s name, you will see it's:

  • Name
  • Brand
  • Variety
  • Store
  • Size
  • Price
  • Sale Icon (if noted)

Results are generated after 3 characters are typed. You may see the item you are looking for but you may want to narrow the list by typing more letters. If you don't find the item you want click on the Find button to initiate a more thorough search.

Click on the name of the item for more details, as shown below.

List name: the name of the list that item was created on.
Name: the name of the item.
Qty: Quantity. By default that is 1. Those numbers can be adjusted when an SGL account is created and the item is copied to an account holder’s list.
Category: choose from a drop down menu of common grocery store categories.
Store: where the item is found.
Brand: the brand name of the item.
Variety: describes the item in more detail.
Reg. Price: the price of a single item based on how it is sold.
Sales Price: the price when and if it has been on sale.
On Sale: toggle on to reveal the sales price on the grocery list. A sales icon will appear.
Method of Sale: this is a drop down that has 3 options;
  • Single: when the item can be sold as an individual item.
  • Bundle: when individual items are sold packaged together. Mostly used for items at warehouse clubs and warehouse club pricing.
  • Weight: selected when an item is sold by a weight.
Pack Count: when Bundle is selected, the number of items is chosen.
Unit: how the item is defined when sold, ounces, pound, each, etc.
Unit Size: the number of units the item is sold as.
Unit Price: is calculated per individual unit.
Updated Date: the most recent date the item was added/edited.
Total: this amount is adjusted for quantity and discounts. For the Price Sheet the total is the price for 1 item.
Discounts: enter the amount of a coupon or discount. This field is available for users when they make a list.
Total Out of Pocket: This is the amount after subtracting the discounts from the total.