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Aldi Finds for the Week of February 26!


That wraps up the month of February. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Gone are the hearts (unless your store still has some miscellaneous holiday merchandise on clearance) and on to more Irish-themed and green colored food featured in the Aldi Finds aisle this week.

Compared to the past few weeks this is a larger selection of Aldi Finds items hitting the stores starting Sunday, February 26. For some of you this is your first list for the March if your store begins its sales on Wednesdays!

  • Go to the Aldi Finds here. (images included)

Aldi Finds for the Week of February 26

My Pick of the Week

May be boring but it works!

There are lots of great budget-friendly deals to shop for in each category, but my pick of the week is a practical addition to the kitchen. Refresh your cleaning cloths this week with the Huntington Home Cleaning Cloths.  I use these for cleaning my kitchen counters and table. The mesh side is great for getting off any sticky messes. The cloths wash up extremely well and the mesh backing has not torn or come off at the seams, even after repeated washings.

UPDATE: I shopped the store today and noticed this version of the cleaning cloths are made with a microfiber. The previous cloths had a cotton top layer and a polyester mesh backing.

4-Pack Scrubber Cloths

Home Goods

Home Goods - Aldi


Home Décor at Aldi, candles, velvet plush sherpa throw

Home Improvement

Home Improvement storage bins - Aldi

Garden & Patio

Spring bulbs and foliage - Aldi


Apparel at Aldi; including hiking boots, leggings, and more.

Personal Care

Personal Care products at Aldi

Health & Beauty

Posture Corrector at Aldi

School & Office Supplies

Writing Utensil Value Pack and Dry erase board at Aldi.

Sports & Outdoor Activities

Air mattress with built-in pump - Aldi


Does your local Aldi sell wine or beer? Check out the list here.

Irish-Style Red Ale at Aldi


Beverages at Aldi

Bakery & Bread

St. Patrick's Day cupcakes & cookies at Aldi.

Dairy & Eggs

Irish Cheese at Aldi


Snacks at Aldi including Star Wars Grogu Cakebites.

Breakfast & Cereal

Breakfast Cereal and Treat Bars at Aldi


Deli items at Aldi including jarred herring in wine sauce and shepherd's pie.

Frozen Foods

Frozen Foods at Aldi

Fresh Meat & Seafood

Corned Beef and Corned Beef Brisket at Aldi

Pantry Essentials

Lucky Charms Cupcake Kit at Aldi

Household Essentials

Household Essentials at Aldi