My Costco Favorites


After having purchased way too much food and spent too much money at Costco, I have scaled back my shopping list considerably. I have thought about cancelling our membership but the price of bread, yogurt, and gas make it worth the yearly fee. Update: I changed my membership from Executive to Gold Star, saving $60 a year.

Here are some of the items that I still buy:

Product Brand Price Size Unit Price
Bananas $1.39 3 lb. $0.46/lb.
Bread Arnold Omega 3 $5.99 2 Loaves $2.995/each
Bread Schmidt Old Thyme $4.39 2 Loaves $2.195/each
Butter Kirkland $10.99 4/1 lb. $2.747/lb.
Cereal General Mills - Honey Nut $7.49 55 oz. $0.14/oz.
Cereal General Mills - Original $5.99 40.7 oz
Challah Bread $5.39 2 Loaves $2.695/each
Cheese Kirkland- Sharp Cheddar $5.39 2 lb. $2.695/lb.
Frozen Blueberries Kirkland - Organic $11.99 3 lb. $3.99/lb.
Frozen Mixed Fruit Organic $8.49
Frozen Pineapple Kirkland $8.39 5 lb. $1.798/lb.
Goldfish Pepperidge Farm $8.99 30 oz.
Laundry Detergent Ultra Clean $13.99 194 oz. $0.072/oz.
Maple Syrup Kirkland-Organic $10.99 33.8 oz. $0.325/oz.
Oatmeal Quaker Oats $7.99 10 lb. $0.79/oz.
Raisins SunMaid Organic $9.69 4 lb. $2.422/lb.
Tortilla Chips Kirkland-Organic $4.99 40 oz.
Tortilla Chips Late July 3.99 24 oz.
Yeast Red Star $4.99 2 lb. $2.495/lb.
Yogurt Kirkland - Greek $5.69 2/32 oz. $2.845/per

On my last trip: Our local store now has a 5 pound bag frozen pineapple for $8.39! At $1.69/lb. it is cheaper than Trader Joe's by $.30 a pound.

February 2018 Updates:

My children are getting bored of the Old Thyme bread. Often, they come home with half of the bread from their sandwich untouched. So, on my February 2018 trip to Costco, I skipped the bread purchase, only buying yogurt, cheese, and pineapple.

Here is a list of items that I have previously purchased. On some trips, I may purchase one or more items from that list when I need to restock.

Animal Crackers (organic) $9.79 Now $10.79
Bananas $1.39/3lb.
Brown Rice (Organic)
Cheerios (Honey Nut) $7.99/55 oz.
Coffee $9.99/ 3lb.
Cooking Spray (see note below)
Frozen Fruit (organic) $9.99/3lb.
Frozen Pizza $9.99
Maple Syrup (organic) $10.49
Olive Oil (Organic) 14.99/2L
Raisins (Organic) $9.49
Sugar (organic)
Various Spices (Cinnamon, Oregano, Salt, Cumin, Paprika, Garlic Powder)

What I don't buy (anymore)
Yes, the price per unit may be cheaper on some of the items listed below, but for me I spent too much money and wasted food. We also ate too much! I noticed that when we had a large tub of nuts at home we definately ate more.

Mott's Organic Applesauce
Mott's Organic Apple Juice
Tropicana Orange Juice
Organic Milk (3 - 1/2 gallon)
Mixed Nuts
Premio Sausage
Organic Ground Beef
Ground Turkey
Organic Baby Carrots
Organic Salad Mix
Organic Tomatoes - Diced
Organic Tomatoes - Paste
Organic Salsa
Skinny Pop
Cooking Spray (see note below)

Have a Sharpie handy
I write the date I open larger items like coffee, it helps me keep track of how often we go through a certain item.

  • I purchased a Misto because I had a gift card and coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond, so I no longer buy cooking spray.