Shopping Budget

July Shopping Totals


July shopping are here. I am restructuring my budget and shopping plan hoping to eliminate the number of times I go shopping. June was not a great month for the budget but I am determined to get back on track. Although, now that summer is here, I find we are eating more bread. Whether it's sandwiches for picnics or using the bread for hotdogs, I've been buying more bread lately. I may have to turn the oven on and bake some bread in this heat.

UPDATE: The totals are coming in and my hopes of eliminating the number of times/days I go to the store took a hit on Sunday.

The day started as it normally does when there are coupon inserts in the newspaper; I headed to the Dollar Tree Store. From there I planned on going to Whole Foods Market then Costco. After shopping at Whole Foods we made our way up the road a quarter mile, if that and waited in the car until 10:00 AM for the store to open. We got out of the car at 10:OO and made are way to the line but noticed the door wasn't open yet. Shortly after an employee came out and said the store could not open because there was a mechanical problem. Since we had groceries in the car we left and shopped for a few items at Shoprite.

I went back on Monday after the movies and shopped. It turns out there was a problem in the dairy room and the store opened around 11:00.

July 29

I spent $11.10 at Whole Foods Market

This reflects the 10% discount for Amazon Prime Members on the chicken legs and cereal bars. I saved $0.54.

July 28

I spent $6.50 at our local farmer's market:

  1. Lettuce - $1.50
  2. Cucumber - $0.50
  3. Tomatoes - 2 for $1.00
  4. Arugula - $1.50
  5. Zucchini - $0.50
  6. Corn - 3 for $1.50

July 25

I spent $45.27 at Shoprite


I spent approximately $30.62 at Aldi:

As I started to bag the groceries, I noticed the $2.00 savings was not subtracted from my receipt. I was refunded the $7.76 but somehow misplaced the original receipt. Since I paid in cash and remember paying over $38.00, I have estimated my final total spent.


July 22

I spent $14.29 at Whole Foods Market

I spent $20.67 at Costco

July 18

I spent $48.39 at Shoprite


I spent $43.65 at Aldi


July 15

I spent $11.72 at Whole Foods Market

I earned my $10.00 Amazon Prime Credit while taking advantage of some great weekend sales paired with coupons for Talenti.

  1. Organic Strawberries (Prime Deal): 2 for $5.00
  2. Virginia Ham: $4.32 (0.36/lb. @ $11.99)
  3. Talenti Gelato 2 for $6.00: With 2 $1.50 coupons and the 10% Prime Discount I spent $2.40 for 2.


July 10

I spent $31.69 at Shoprite

I received $2.00 off my next shopping order because I bought 3 boxes of cereal.


I spent $45.79 at Aldi


July 9

I spent $50.12 at Costco


July 8

I spent 28.14 at Whole Foods Market

This reflects the 10% discount for Amazon Prime Members on the lunch meat and ground beef. I saved $6.72.


I spent $17.33 at Shoprite


July 3

I spent $38.67 at Shoprite


I spent $45.29 at Aldi


July 2

My youngest 2 love to hunt for the pirate and parrot at Trader Joe' so they can get a cereal bar and lollipop from the treasure chest. I decided to go there after the [movies]( instead of on Tuesday when I go shopping by myself. Also, this purchase is for the month of July.

I spent $33.53 at Trader Joe's


July 1

I spent $21.15 at Target


Store | July 1-7 | July 8-14|July 15-21|July 22-31|
------------- | -------|-|-----|---|----|
Costco ||$50.12||$20.67
Aldi |$45.29|$45.79|$43.65|$30.62
Shoprite |$38.67|$17.33 + $31.69|$48.39|$45.27
Whole Foods||$28.14|$11.72|$14.29|$11.10
Target |$21.15|||$8.50
The Fresh Market||
Trader Joe's|$33.53
Dollar Tree Store||$6.00|||
Farmer's Market|$2.00|$4.25|$4.00|$6.50

Projected Monthly BUDGET: $500.00
FINAL SPENT: $557.57