Holiday Baking Price Comparison: Aldi, Walmart, & Target.
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Holiday Baking Price Comparison: Aldi, Walmart, & Target.


Is it Cheaper at Aldi?

Until recently the answer to that question has been "YES". However, as the prices at Aldi and other the supermarkets increased that answer can be "no" or "not this week". Your answer depends on what part of the country you live in and what sales another local supermarket is offering that week. So, as we head deep into holiday baking season is Aldi the cheapest around? Take a look at some of the ingredients Aldi featured this season and how they compare in price to Walmart and Target. Keep in mind some prices may vary.

A quick note about the Aldi total: I calculated the total for each store for all the ingredients. Even though Walmart and Target did not sell lemon curd in store at the time of publishing this post I still factored that in. How did that affect the total? Check out the list below.

Aldi, Walmart, & Target Holiday Ingredients Price Comparison

SGD Baking Tips to Save Money

1. Double up: Try making 2 or more recipes that call for the same ingredient, like rice crispy cereal.

2. Say NO: If there is an ingredient you know that you will not use after the holiday skip the recipe and save the money!

3. Try Alternatives: If there is a recipe that you want to make but some of the ingredients are not in your budget, find a less expensive alternative.

4. Substitute: I often substitute pecans in recipes that call for walnuts because of a minor food allergy in our family. Pecans is an item that we use year-round in other recipes like Energy Bites.