Aldi Finds Starting September 27

Aldi Finds Starting September 27


More Halloween Candy Please...

Well shoppers, we have a second chance at picking up Halloween candy this week, in case you missed it earlier this month. There are 21 different options to choose from. With a mix of sweets and chocolates, there should be something for all the kids, both big and small! If you love all-things Halloween, definitely want to check out the latest decorations and festive apparel that are arriving on Wednesday! I hate to say this but, keep in mind the availability varies depending on where you shop!

What's the Deal with Aldi Fashion?

We love Aldi fashion for the prices but not the sizes. Since not all styles and prints are available in each size, shopping for clothes at Aldi can be frustrating. Hey, on a positive note, it may push some of you out of your comfort zone in terms of colors and prints!!!

The Serra Ladies' Ultra Plush Fall Halloween Leggings sell for $6.99 and come in sizes S-XL. However, not all of the prints are available in each size. You may be able to go down or up a size because the legging has 10% spandex!!

Fair Isle, Ghost, and Pumpkin Prints
  • Fair Isle Leggings available in Sizes S–L
  • Ghost Leggings available in Sizes M–XL
  • Pumpkin Leggings available in Sizes S–XL

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Aldi Finds Starting September 27

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