Now is the Season For Grilling on a Budget at Aldi

Now is the Season For Grilling on a Budget at Aldi


Free Printable Grocery Lists!

Whether you are hosting a large party, small gathering, or it's just a family meal,  grilling season is here. Head to Aldi for all your cookout needs on a budget. But first shop with an organized list. Here are 4 free printable grocery lists designed for a successful shopping trip at Aldi on a budget! Simply click the text or the thumbnail below to download each list.

All Lists are Designed With:

  1. Additional space to add your own items.
  2. Space to add the price.
  3. Space to estimate your list's total.
  4. Organized in categories designed for the season.

For additional products and prices related to the grilling season, check out the price search below. There is also a link to the complete Aldi Price List for even more items.

The Lists :

  • A grocery list with prices : this list is organized by categories that are filled with popular Aldi summer bbq related products. Additional space is provided for you to add more items. Use the price search below to fill in the prices.
  • A list and meal plan : this grocery list has space to plan your meal and the number of people you are cooking for. It is organized in categories related to the season with space for prices.
  • A Blank Grocery List: this list is arranged by categories in color blocks. There is room at the bottom for notes, if needed.

Aldi Summer Grilling List

The Complete Aldi Price List