Shopping at Aldi!


Giving Aldi a Try, Again! Over the past 2 years I've shopped at Aldi without much luck. After reading several blogs that raved about the selection and the prices, I tried Aldi again. I was suprised by what the store offered and added the store to my regular shopping rotation.

Like some shopping experiences, not all trips to Aldi have been successful. During the farmer's market season, I shopped at Aldi on Saturday mornings. On a few occasions the trucks were delayed and the employees were stocking the shelves as I shopped. However, if you have the time, always ask an employee if you cannot find a certain item. The staff was very helpful and went in the back to find what was on my list. Just as I got used to having the kids in school and one off at college, I am thinking of tweaking my shopping strategies, AGAIN (but not by choice). The Aldi I shopped at closed for renovation. It was closed for 6 weeks. Future shipments to the store prior to closing was limited. Since the closest Aldi is a 15 minute drive away, I limited the number of times I went there. Our local Aldi reopened and handed out 4 coupons for $5.00 off $30.00 and a free shopping bag. It was worth the long lines:

Tips for a Successful Shopping Trip:

  1. Go early: If you go when the store is opening, you will have a better selection to choose from. The Specially Selected French Baguette that we like often sells out if I go to the store later in the day.
  2. Ask: If you can't find something ask an employee. Since I try to shop early, some items may not be on the floor yet. This has happened before and the staff has gone in the back to get what I was looking for.
  3. Stock Up: If what you like is an Aldi Find, stock up if your budget allows it. Also, ASK if there will be more shipments or if what is on the shelf is all that is available.