The Latest Aldi Finds Sneak Peek for March 27
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The Latest Aldi Finds Sneak Peek for March 27


This is the last Aldi Finds Sneak Peek of March! What, already? Yes, and it's full steam ahead with Easter. The candy is stocked. Now, let's get something to fill the baskets that we can't eat!

What's in store this week, at -a-glance:

  • Toys for Easter baskets
  • More spring bulbs and potting mix
  • Exercise equipment
  • Holiday-themed cookies and cupcakes
  • Plant-Based Cake Assortment, and more...
For the Vegan Eaters, you can have your cake, too! 

In this post:
  • Check out the Sneak Peek flyer!
  • Search this week's complete list of Aldi Finds
  • List of shipping delays
  • Product Availability
  • Link to search the Aldi Price List

  • Aldi Finds for the Week of March 27, 2022

    Shipping Delays

    The following items may not be available this week due to shipping delays. However, they may be in stock at a a later date.

    • Ladies 2 Pack Wireless Bra
    • Men’s or Ladies 2 Pair Thermal
    • Ladies Plush Full Zip Jacket
    • DB: Accent Bend
    • Dutch Apple Pie
    • Lightweight Cast Iron Fry Pans
    • DB: Felt Easter Basket
    • Plush Easter Basket
    • DB: Divided Serving Tray
    • Mini Aluminized Steel Bakeware
    • Large Salt Grinder

    Product Availability

    Those items that are limited in availability can differ from those effected by shipping delays. That availability varies per store and state each week. Sale of alcohol depends on where you shop. Check out if your Aldi sells alcohol in your state here.

    Aldi also notes the items where prices vary per store. Usually, a handful of products fall into this category weekly. Hopefully, your store is fully stocked with the Aldi Finds you are looking for. Below are those items that are listed as "not available in all stores" and/or "see price in store" for the week of March 27:

    Product Not Available
    in All Stores
    See Price
    in Store
    Mixed Spring Bulbs Assorted Varieties
    Lasagna Italiano
    Specially Selected
    Dark Morello Cherries