Swap for Savings and Still Eat Organic!

Swap for Savings and Still Eat Organic!


Do you or your children eat sandwiches?

Organic bread can be expensive and with 3 kids eating lots of sandwiches, a loaf won't last long in our house.  I found that it is cheaper to make wraps or quesadillas for lunch instead of using bread for sandwiches. While the weekly savings are not impressive, this simple swap can save over $35.00 in one year. The savings is based on 3 kids eating sandwiches 5 days a week.  Be sure to check out the weekly sales Whole Foods.  They do have sales on bread, including organic,  from time to time. So stock up on bread if you can and you have room in your freezer.  

Simple Savings

Product Size Price Unit Price Price Per Weekly Totals
Organic Whole Wheat Bread $3.39 18 Slices $0.188/slice $0.376/per sandwich $5.64
Organic Whole Wheat Tortillas $1.99 6 ct. $0.331/per $0.331/per wrap $4.97
Yearly Savings $35.36

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