Save Almost $125.00 a Year With One Change...UPDATED

UPDATE: July 30, 2020

Here is an update for a savings switch that is no longer available, but you can still save money.
Check out updated totals here.

Simply switch to buying frozen concentrate orange juice at Aldi and save almost $125.00 in one year!

Did you notice the size of some of your favorite orange juice container shrink?

I am not brand loyal when it comes to buying orange juice. Before shopping at Aldi, I would buy one of the following brands that was on sale for 2 for $5.00 or lower at our local ShopRite. Below are the current prices this week (July 30, 2020):

  • Florida's Natural, 52 fl. oz.: $2.99 on sale, $4.19
  • Tropicana, 52 oz.: $4.19 on sale, $4.29
  • Minute Maid Kids, 59 oz.: $2.89
  • Simply Orange, 52 oz.: $4.29
  • Tree Ripe, 52 oz.: $1.49 on sale, $1.99

However, popular brands that were once 64 ounces reduced its' size to 59 ounces and then down to 52 ounces. When I noticed the size difference, I switched to Nature's Nectar from Aldi in early 2018. The price at Aldi flucuated between $2.35 and $1.99 for 59 ounces. The lowest sale price for a brand name juice was typically $2.50 for 52 ounces and occasionally $1.99. My children did not notice the switch so I added Aldi's orange juice to my weekly Aldi list.

In a quest to save even more money, I looked into buying frozen concentrate. Below are the savings based on my weekly purchases. I am on track to save almost $70.00 this year when we switched to buying frozen concentrate orange juice. Again, my children never noticed the change!!

Product Size Qty. Price Total
Nature's Nectar Premium Orange Juice Not From Concentrate 52 oz. 3 $1.99 $5.97
Nature's Nectar Frozen Concentrate 48 oz. when mixed 3 $1.19 $3.57
Weekly Savings $2.40
Yearly Savings $124.80

Updated Savings

Aldi no longer carries frozen orange juice. I've been buying Nature's Nectar Premium Orange Juice Not From Concentrate with Calcium and Vitamin D at Aldi that was $1.99 for 52 fl. oz. on July 6. The price went up to $2.09 as of July 20. So an $.80 increase a week doesn't seem like a lot but if the price stays the same, that is over $41.00 a year. During the height of the buying frenzy and item limits in the spring, we purchased frozen orange juice at ShopRite. A 12 oz. container, when mixed, yields 48 ounces. However, I add more water, making about 52 ounces. Below are the savings, if I make the switch back to frozen orange juice only.
Store Size Qty. Price Total
Aldi 52 fl. oz. 4 $2.09 $8.36
ShopRite 48 oz. - 52 oz. 4 $1.99/lb. $7.96
Weekly Savings $0.80
Yearly Savings $41.60