My Latest Grocery Hauls for July

I shopped 3 stores this week on 2 different days. I would love, love, love to do all my grocery shopping in one day and stay under budget. However, I have around 2 hours to shop when I venture out. That's the time when our younger kids are using electronics

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The Best Price For... Organic Apples!

My family loves apples, especially Granny Smith. With 4 of the 6 of us eating apples daily, even if I sneak one in from time to time, we can go through tons, ok pounds, of apples.  I try to buy organic, when possible, because of the pesticides found on conventional

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My First Costco Grocery Haul for July

25 lb. bag of flour not pictured.

I spent $189.28 and saved over $102.00 on this shopping trip . The savings are detailed below.  I did not include a price comparison on the Veggie Bites because that is an item I only purchase at Costco.

Costco Savings

Product Costco
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Costco Price List

UPDATE: July 10, 2020

Here is my price list for some of the items found at my local Costco. More prices will be added as I shop. Keep in mind prices and products may vary by region.

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