My Weekly Grocery Haul for March 8


Coming off of a budget busting grocery haul, I've managed to sort of stay around my $125.00 weekly budget. I shopped 3 stores on Sunday. I spent $136.88 on food. We are continuing to stock up on a few items but not as aggressively as last week.

ShopRite: This month I got another set of $10.00 off $50.00 coupons in the mail. I didn't use those from February because it is hard to reach the $50.00 minimum when I shop at other stores and those prices are lower. However, some sales just come together at the right time. Usually I buy toilet paper at CVS when they offer $10.00 ECB (like this week) but ShopRite's price was the same ($7.99/ 12 roll), there was a digital coupon, and a $5.00 off your next purchase Catalina coupon. So, I added the oatmeal and bread to bring our total over $50.00.  With the coupon the price per ounce for oatmeal at ShopRite is $0.06 compared to $0.093 at Whole Foods Market. I applied the savings per item as follows; I divided $10.00 by the number of items purchased (11) and subtracted that number from the sales price ($1.99 - $0.91=$1.08/18 = $0.06 per oz.).

After tax and the $10.00 coupon, my total was $42.87. I spent $15.06 on food.

Whole Foods Market: I spent $60.66 this week. The store was out of Organic All Purpose Flour ($4.99) so I picked up the conventional flour ($3.29) because I was running low.

Aldi: I spent $61.66 this week. I added an extra orange juice, apple sauce, beans, and salsa to the list.