My Grocery Haul for the Week of May 12


I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day. On another rainy day I headed to the grocery stores. I shopped 2 stores and spent $87.88 so far this week. I am currently under my $100.00 a week budget for the majority of my shopping at Aldi and ShopRite. This month I plan to pick up a few items at Target and Trader Joe's. Whole Food's spending has been kept to minimum thanks to Ibotta. Once I've reached $20.00, I usually cash out for a Whole Foods gift card and use that to shop. Last week I had $30.00!

I spent $52.25 at Aldi

Lemons are not included in the picture. I went back to Aldi to update the price list on Tuesday. I drink warm water with lemon in the morning, so when saw they were on sale I picked them up. I price is added to the above totals.

I spent $35.63 at ShopRite

Check out ShopRite's weekly flyer for some great SuperCoupons. I used the grapes, orange juice, and bread coupon to save an additional $2.17 off the sale prices.

For additional savings I used the following coupons:
$0.50 off 1, SuperPretzel
$1.00 off 2, Perdue Chicken Nuggets

If you receive the Sunday paper with coupon inserts, clip the following:
Retail Me Not (May 12, 2019), $1.00 off 2, Perdue Refrigerated Fully Cooked Chicken Product (exp. 06/21/19)

Check out the rest of my weekly and monthly spending totals here.