My Extra ShopRite Shopping Trip for January 24!

My Extra ShopRite Shopping Trip for January 24!


I went to ShopRite for the second time this week. My first shopping trip was a quick one to pick up orange juice and a few items that I knew I didn't have coupons for. Today, I was able to put my list together, matching my coupons and digital coupons with sale prices. While that took almost an hour, including replacing an ink cartridge for the printer, I saved over $74.00 and scored free toothpaste, again!

Original Prices $108.49
Sale Prices $65.95
Digital Coupons -$11.50
Printed Coupons -$20.69
Tax $0.06
TOTAL $33.82

I earned $2.75 from Ibotta and $5.00 off my next purchase from the Larabar and Annie's purchases. If I receive a SavingStar credit, it will show up in 2 days.


STORE FOOD HBA & Other Products (includes tax)
Aldi $75.58
ShopRite $30.11 + $31.78 $2.04
Whole Foods Market $15.78
TOTALS $153.25 $2.04

Check out my yearly totals here.