My Shopping Trips for the Week of January 20!

My Shopping Trips for the Week of January 20!


Here are my latest shopping trips for the week of January 20. After staying in on Sunday because of Winter Storm Harper, I managed to run into 2 stores on Monday after bringing our oldest to college. I went to Whole Foods Market as part of my monthly shopping plan. I've limited my trips to Whole Foods to twice a month so this was the week to go.

Monday, January 21

I spent $15.78 at Whole Foods Market

I finely gave into my youngest son's request for marshmallows!

I spent $30.11 at ShopRite

I ran out of ink last week and was unable to print some coupons for this week's shopping trip. I ordered ink for my printer from Amazon. The package was scheduled to be delivered on Saturday but was delayed due to the weather. So after tearing through Whole Foods, I made my way to ShopRite for orange juice. We were completely out and wanted my boys to start the week with a decent breakfast. I purchased only items that were on sale and had digital coupons. With sales and 1 digital coupon I was able to save over 31%.

Tuesday, January 22

I spent $75.58 at Aldi

This week was a larger trip to Aldi than most. I stocked up on a few items that we ran out of last week that added to the total. I still saved over $35.00 or almost 32% off the prices at our local ShopRite.


STORE FOOD HBA & Other Products (includes tax)
Aldi $75.58
ShopRite $30.11
Whole Foods Market $15.78
TOTALS $121.47