June Shopping Totals


UPDATE: The final numbers are in for the monthly budget and I was over budget. I am restructuring how I shop now that summer vacation is in full swing. I hope to limit the number of times I actually shop. I shopped early on a Tuesday morning and that seemed to work. Look for the new shopping totals soon!

I usually spend 40% of my budget during the first week of the month because I stock up on those items that we ran out of the previous month. I started shopping for June on Wednesday, May 30, because I wanted to take advantage of expiring Ibotta offers and coupons before June 1. Also, it was Field Day at our boys' school.

June 28 & 29

With a birthday on Friday, I went back to the store for the cake and picnic supplies. I claimed a $20.00 Whole Foods Market gift card from Ibotta to buy the lunch meat, cheese, and cookies to take to the beach.

June 26

With the kids home for the summer and not going to camp, I decided to go to Shoprite early in the morning then Aldi. Normally, by the time I drop the elementary age kids at school there is just enough time to go the bank before Aldi opens at 9:00 AM. The trip went well and I even had time to go back to Shoprite for a missing digital coupon.

I spent $41.27 at Shoprite


I spent $17.94 at Aldi


June 22

I made it Aldi and Whole Foods Market today.
I spent $36.12 at Aldi


I spent $16.27 at Whole Foods Market:

I've been buying lunch meat more often now that the children are home for the summer and we are going on more picnics and eating them at the playground.

June 19

I shopped on a Tuesday this week to take advantage of the sales at Shoprite. I skipped going to Aldi on the same day since the kids are home for summer vacation.


June 13

I shopped today since this was the last day of school!

I spent $31.56 at Aldi


I spent $59.67 at Shoprite


June 7

Back to shopping at the end of the week.

I spent $51.30 at Aldi

I spent $26.06 at Shoprite

June 3

Finally our Dollar Tree Store has plenty on Sunday papers to go around. So it was off to the store by 9:00 to get the coupon inserts! We are fortunate to live in an area where the stores are close together which is why I often shop at multiple stores in one day. After getting the papers, I planned to go to our local CVS and Shoprite to take advantage of the sales early. After redeeming enough Ibotta offers to cash out, I chose a $20.00 Whole Foods Market gift card. I used that to buy lunch meat and a few other items. Then it was off to Trader Joe's to pick up frozen fruit because, after all, I pass the store on the way home and I needed to pick up frozen fruit and cereal.

I spent $23.08 at Shoprite

Shoprite Coupons Used

Coupon # of Coupons Amount Total
Enlightened/Clipped 2 $1.50 $3.00
Enlightened/Printed 1 BOGO $3.88
Ben & Jerry's/Clipped 2 $1.25 $2.50
Newman Own's Pizza/Printed 3 $1.00 $3.00
Peanut Butter/Clipped from Store Flyer 1 $0.89 $0.89
Bush's Baked Beans/Clipped 1 $1.00 $1.00
Peaches/Clipped from Store Flyer 1 $0.99/lb. $1.74
Catalina Coupon 1 $3.50 $3.50
Total Coupons Used 12 $19.51
  1. The Catalina coupon was earned after purchasing 10 Minute Maid items.

  2. The clipped coupons were from Sunday inserts and the printed coupons for pizza were from coupons.com but are no longer available.

  3. The Enlightened printed BOGO can be found here.

  4. Ibotta: I redeemed $1.00 for each Enlightened Ice Cream and Newman's Own Pizza I purchased.

I spent $4.13 at Whole Foods Market

Here is what I bought:

  1. 1/2 lb. Black Forest Ham - $6.41
  2. 1/4 lb. Provolone Cheese - $1.64
  3. Organic Strawberries - $2.50
  4. Croissant 12 Pack - $6.99
  5. Whole Chicken (3.68 lb.) $6.59

I spent $14.13 at Trader Joe's

Here is what I bought:

  1. Bran Flakes - $1.99
  2. Frozen Raspberries - $2.49
  3. Frozen Pineapple - $5.37 (3 @ $1.79 each)
  4. Frozen Blueberries - $1.99
  5. Black Pepper Grinder - $2.29

May 30

I spent $43.04 at Aldi

I spent $52.65 at Shoprite

I took advantage of the Ibotta rebates for:

  1. 4 Whole Fruit Tubes and Bars - $4.00
  2. 2 Coleman products - $3.00
  3. 1 Red Pack - $0.50
  4. Any Item - $0.25
  5. Scotch Brite Scrub Sponges (not pictured) - $0.80

I took advantage of the SavingStar rebates for:

  1. Whole Fruit Bar - $1.00
  2. Land O' Lakes Butter - $0.40
  3. Land O' Lakes Butter - $0.50

I only purchased 1 Land O' Lakes Tub Butter but received 2 rebates!

I spent $63.91 at Costco

I spent $22.31 at Target

Totals So Far...

Store | Week 1 (05/30) | Week 2 (06/07)|Week 3 (06/14)|Week 4 (06/21)|Week 5 (06/28)
------------- | -------|-|-----|---|----|-----|
Costco |$63.91||$21.76
Aldi |$43.04|$51.30|$31.56|$36.12|$17.94 + $11.17
Shoprite |$52.65|$23.08 + $26.06|$59.67|$59.89|$41.29 + $16.13
Whole Foods|$4.13|$8.84|$19.01|$16.27|$0.64
Target |$22.31||$12.03
The Fresh Market|$|
Trader Joe's||$14.13|$17.42
Dollar Tree Store|||||$2.00

**Projected Monthly BUDGET: $600.00
FINAL SPENT: $673.22