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Whole Fruit Expiring Ibotta Offers

UPDATE: The offer for Whole Fruit has expired but will keep you posted if it returns. Please note that the coupons expire on July 8, so there is still time for the rebate to appear in the gallery again! I often check the activity section of the Ibotta app for the alerts.

Although I am done with the May budget, I am starting my June shopping early for 2 reasons:

  1. End of School: School ends on June 13 and the end of the year celebrations are scattered across the last few weeks of school. Of course, Friday, June 1 happens to be Field Day, weather permitted.

  2. Expiring Ibotta Offers: I purchased our first box of Whole Fruit Organic Tubes last week and my youngest son loved them. They are still on sale this week for $2.88 at our local Shoprite. I still have 3 coupons for the bars and 2 coupons for the tubes to use. They expire in July but while looking through the offers on Ibotta earlier, I noticed those for Whole Fruit expire on June 1 at 2:59 AM.

Yes, it may be cheaper and better for you if you make your own frozen fruit pops, but our blender is broken. I'll pay $1.88 for each Whole Fruit Bar and Tube purchased and earn a $1.00 for each up to 5 per receipt!

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