Did The Price of Halloween Candy at Aldi Go Up in 2022?
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Did The Price of Halloween Candy at Aldi Go Up in 2022?


Check out the 2023 Halloween Candy at Aldi here.

The answer may not surprise you...

Yes, some of the candy that was in the store in 2021 went up in price for 2022. But can you save money buying Halloween candy at Aldi? That is the question on a lot of shoppers' minds as we continue to navigate the grocery aisles this year.

For now, Halloween candy is stocked at our Aldi. So, it may be the time to stock up before the candy is picked over. But are you getting the best price and did the prices go up this year? Compare the unit prices of your favorite treats below to those from another store you may shop at below. Keep in mind the size of the treat and the number in each bag varies.

Halloween candy in our local Aldi.


Notice the price of the candy corn is the same from last year? But did the bag really get smaller? If so, that is shrinkflation, getting less for the same amount of money. Readers, feel free to correct me if the size of the bag of candy corn at Aldi was not 17 ounces last year.

Not All Candy Bars are the Same Size...

Here is a great photo that illustrates the differences in sizes of Snickers.

Candy bar sizes using Snicker bars

The weight of the candy may vary slightly for some of the more common Halloween candy.

  • Mini: approximately 1/4 oz. each.
  • Fun Size or Snack Size: depending on the brand, these two words are used to describe a bar that weighs approximately 1/2 oz.
  • Full Size: this size can range from 1.50 oz. - 1.92 oz. depending on the brand.
  • Share Size or King Size: the size of the bar is almost double the full size, ranging from 2.8 oz. - 3.29 oz. depending on the brand.

If You Can't Get Your Halloween Candy at Aldi?

Where to shop for savings...

Look for stores where you can...

  1. Use coupons
  2. Use digital store coupons at your local grocery store.
  3. Use gift cards or any extra savings you have in loyalty programs.
  4. Earn extra savings when purchasing candy (see below).

Candy with Cash Back?

Most years I shop at CVS for our Halloween candy. I usually have ExtraBucks Rewards® that brings down the cost and some years the candy was free. Since our street does not get that many Trick or Treaters to justify buying the larger size bag, a few smaller bags are more than enough.

This week I have over $18.oo in ExtraBucks Rewards® and the candy is on sale for 2 for $7.00. Spend over $20.00 and get $5.00 back in rewards. So, my plan is to buy 6 bags for approximately $3.00 and get $5.00 back!

Image of candy on sale at CVS, 2/$7

Time for Trick or Treating...

Update: Ok, so a few smaller bags turned into 10 and we may have some leftover candy. Yesterday I went to CVS and picked up 10 bags of candy shown below. After the discounts and ExtraCare Rewards® were used, I spent $7.97. I received $5.00 in additional rewards to be used later. Please note that the $5.00 I earned when purchasing the candy was not factored into the final total.

10 bags of Halloween Candy

There are approximately 198 pieces of candy in the 10 bags shown above. Having spent just $7.97, the price per piece is only $0.04.