Are You Paying More at the Grocery Store Now?

Are You Paying More at the Grocery Store Now?


My Grocery Haul and More...

Did I just say that the media was overreacting to the prices going up? I may have hinted at that last week. Well things do change in a hurry, I guess. This week I noticed more items on my current grocery list had price increases. Normally I would adjust those prices as I shop for a more accurate total at checkout. I am bit obsessed with getting the final total to match as closely to the estimated cart total on my list. However, given the attention rising prices has gotten, I decided to leave them as is to determine how much more I am actually spending. Also, as shown below, I had a return that was applied to the final total. So I knew that I was going to spend less than my estimated total. But how much less was the question. In the end, there were 9 items with price increases that I did not adjust in the store. They totaled $2.60. Here is the list:

Apples: $0.60
Oranges: $0.30
Canola Oil: $0.26
Carrots: $0.10 (x 2)
Shredded Mozzarella: $0.30
Flax Seed: $0.10
Potatoes: $0.20
Organic Grapes: $0.51
Bananas: $0.04 per lb. (3.2 lbs.)

Price Changes

Product Previous Price Date Current Price ↑ ↓
Red Grapes (ASF) $1.29 $0.75
Strawberries (ASF) $1.69 $1.49
Watermelon (ASF) $4.49 05/24/21 $4.99
Pineapple (ASF) $1.59 05/30/21 $1.49
Cantaloupe (ASF) $1.89 05/30/21 $1.59
Cheddar Brats (ASF) $2.39 02/04/19 $2.29
Marshmallow (ASF) $.69 05/24/21 $0.85
Ice Cream Sandwiches (ASF) $1.89 06/18/19 $1.85
Thin Wheat Crackers (ASF) $1.19 02/28/21 $1.39
Honey Ham - Lunch Mate (ASF) $1.99 on-sale 08/03/20 $2.45
Honey Smoked Turkey - Lunch Mate (ASF) $1.99 on-sale 08/03/20 $2.45
Uncured Smoked Ham - Lunch Mate (ASF) $1.99 on-sale 08/03/20 $2.45
Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast - Lunch Mate (ASF) $1.99 on-sale 08/03/20 $2.45
Grilled Chicken Strips (ASF) $2.99 05/28/19 $2.49
Premium Ice Cream (ASF) $4.19 04/10/19 $3.99
Navel Oranges 2.99 on sale 05/11/21 $4.29
Canola Oil $1.79 10/30/18 $2.15
Organic Grapes (2 lb.) $3.98 10/18/2018 $4.49
Bananas $0.44 10/18/2018 $0.48
Baking Potatoes (5 lb.) $2.99 10/15/18 $3.19
Carrots (2 lb. bag) $1.29 05/21/21 $1.39
Shredded Mozzarella (16 oz.) $2.29 05/17/21 $2.59
Plain Greek Yogurt (Whole Milk) $3.45 05/06/19 $3.29
80% Lean Ground Beef Patties (ASF) $3.89 per lb. 02/05/21 $3.99 per lb.
Flax Seed $1.79 01/04/21 $1.89
Granny Smith Apples (3 lb.) $3.69 03/23/21 $4.29
Parmesan Wedge $3.79 $3.29
Note: ASF = Aldi Sales Flyer for the week of June 13

My Aldi Grocery Haul

Aldi grocery haul for June 13.
My Aldi Grocery Haul
Aldi grocery receipt with the tax and gift card highlighted with an arrow.

Don't Forget The Sales Tax

A new feature on SuperGroceryLists makes estimating your grocery list total even easier. There is the ability to add sales tax to an item at the rate for your area. That is helpful, especially for those who live in states where some food is taxed. I use it when creating a shopping list that has an Aldi Finds item or two, or maybe three on it.

Set the tax rate for your profile
Setting the sales tax rate on the profile page.
Creating a new list with sales tax rate
The sales tax rate as shown on the new list window. 

Self-Watering Planter Price and Product Details with Arrow Pointing to the Sales Rate
Applying the sales tax rate.