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All New Aldi Sales Flyer

It's a bit of a small Aldi flyer this week, with only a front and back page. However that doesn't mean it's not filled with great sales and new Aldi Finds. Most sales are valid starting February 7, unless noted.

How To Make Your Own List: Check out our post
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My Monthly Meal Plan for February

Not sure if it's because it's the end of the month or I had some extra time on Sunday, but I decided to tackle meal planning for the entire month of February. This meal plan may change during the course of the month.

What’s In My Freezer & Fridge for
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The Latest Aldi Sales Flyer

Check out the latest sales flyer for Aldi starting the week of January 31! This is a large flyer filled with fun game day food and more Valentine's Day Aldi Finds.

Since some prices are regional, our local flyer did not list the prices for the veggie section this week.
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Organic Savings at Aldi

Our Aldi was well stocked with organic produce earlier this month. I shopped shortly after the store opened on Sunday, January 10. Check out my shopping list here. I spent $22.07 on 9 organic items purchased this week. I saved more than $10.00 compared to the other stores I often shop at.

Here is a comparison:
  • Broccoli: $2.69 (1lb. 10 oz.)
  • Cauliflower: $2.89
  • Pink Lady Apples: $3.99 (3 lb. bag)
  • Milk: $2.89 (1/2 gallon)
  • Eggs: 2, $2.49 (1 dozen)
  • Frozen Peas: $1.25 (10 oz.)
  • Pasta Sauce: $1.49
  • Salsa: $1.89
Total: $22.07

Whole Foods Market
  • Broccoli: $4.53 ($2.79 per lb.)
  • Cauliflower: $3.99
  • Pink Lady Apples: $5.97 ($1.99 per lb.on sale)
  • Milk: $3.49 (1/2 gallon)
  • Eggs: $3.99 (1 dozen)
  • Frozen Peas: $2.49 (16 oz.)
  • Pasta Sauce: $2.29
  • Salsa: $3.00 on sale
Total: $33.74

  • Broccoli: $3.99
  • Cauliflower: $4.99
  • Granny Smith Apples: $5.97 ($1.99 per lb.)
  • Milk: $3.49 (1/2 gallon)
  • Eggs: 2, $3.49 (1 dozen)
  • Frozen Peas: $2.79 (12 oz.)
  • Pasta Sauce: $2.89
  • Salsa: $2.99
Total: $34.09
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Can You Save More Money At Aldi?

Cheese, Please...
Do you make homemade pizza, baked pastas, tacos, grilled cheese, or just love cheese? Chances are you may have purchased the larger bags and blocks of cheese at Costco thinking that buying bigger means saving money. Sometimes that is true, however some dairy prices have gone up at
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