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Aldi Price List - Household Items

UPDATED: December 5, 2019

Here is the start of a price list for non-food items. Look for more products to be added soon! Check out how the prices compare to your local grocery stores or national big box retailers.

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Costco Price List

Here is my price list for some of the items found at my local Costco. More prices will be added as I shop. Keep in mind prices and products may vary by region.

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Aldi vs. Costco...

UPDATE: December 5, 2019

Where to shop and what to buy at each store is solved in one post! Well, not quite.

As I shop both Aldi and Costco, I find myself saying things like "wow, bananas went down in price, now they are cheaper than Aldi" or

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My November Grocery Hauls!

Updated: January 6, 2020. I went way over my initial budget.

After weeks of stressing over the expanding budget, I've settled on $125.00 a week for a family of 5 (6 when oldest is home from college). That is split between Aldi and Whole Foods Market. As a Prime

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My November Costco Grocery Haul

I spent $76.28 this month. That is well under my $100.00 a month Costco budget but not by design. Costco did not have organic strawberries and they no longer carry the pumpkin seeds that I like.

How I Use What I Buy...

Blueberries: Used in oatmeal, pancake topping,

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