Aldi Shoprite Coupons

Where To Buy It... Aldi vs. Shoprite


Orange Juice... 7/15 - 7/22


If you were able to print 2 or more $1.00 off Simply Orange that expires on 7/31/18, then Shoprite has the better deal on Orange Juice this week. The regular price for Simply Orange is $4.19. With 2 coupons and the 2 for $6.00 sale price, I paid $4.00 for 2 or $0.038/oz. Aldi's brand is $2.35.

On paper this may seem like a good deal, but look closely at the size of the containers. Simply Orange is 7 oz. smaller than Aldi's brand.

Keep in mind the Simply Orange is 52 oz. vs. 59 oz. at Aldi. I saved $0.16 this week when using coupons. While that may not seem like a lot or even worth it, if you save $0.16 each week on just one item, that is a yearly savings of $8.32. However, when the sale price and coupons are not available, Aldi has the lower price by far!