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What's New at Aldi for the Week of August 14!


Aldi sale items and Aldi Finds. Sales start Sunday, August 14 or Wednesday August 17

Check out the sale prices this week at Aldi. Take a look at the flyer here. If you are planning a trip down the Finds aisle, get a heads up on what you may see. Unfortunately, not every Aldi stocks all the items featured each week.

  • Go to the Aldi Finds here. (images included)

Aldi Sales Flyer Prices

Keep in mind that some product and prices may vary by store and/or region.

Prices for the Week of August 14

Aldi Finds

Fall is in the Air?

Bed sheets, area rug, and towels in the color clay

The flyer is not filled with all-things pumpkin yet but take a closer look and you will find a hint of Autumn. Check out the latest color available for your favorite home goods items, clay. From bed sheets to area rugs, the color clay is a new option for your home.

Home Goods

Aldi Finds Home Goods items
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Aldi Finds for the Week of August 14