Valentine's Day Shopping Trip

Valentine's Day Shopping Trip


I spent $19.86 at ShopRite today!

I must admit I am guilty of not paying attention to the expiration dates on packaged items as I shop. I picked up frozen pretzels that were expired. I noticed when I took them out of the packaging and they were covered in freezer burn. Also, the coupons that were printed inside the box were expired. So I looked for the date and there it was August 2018! Thankfully we live close to the store and returned the item today. I used the opportunity to purchase a few more items that I missed on Sunday and had coupons for. Since I haven't fully recovered from being sick and having at least 1 child home sick for the last 3 weeks, I'm not surprised that I've made multiple trips to the store. We went through a lot of bread and crackers when the kids were sick. While I don't recommend going to the store multiple times during the week, if you have a detailed list with prices, you can control spending, keeping within the budget you created.

My husband and I are having Veggie Burgers for Valentine's Day and I picked up the buns, french fries, and tomato to complete the dinner!

Here is my shopping list:

I earned $2.85 from Ibotta rebates on yogurt, bagels, and any item. This shopping trip put my total over $20.00. Just in time to cash out for a Whole Foods Market!