Trying to Save Money? Check out the Latest Price Changes at Aldi!

Trying to Save Money? Check out the Latest Price Changes at Aldi!


Price Changes at Aldi This Week, April 18.

Spot me in our local Aldi and you may here me saying over and over... wasn't it cheaper last week? Yes, I said that last week standing in the freezer section looking at the waffles because the price went up again. Great, not only am I updating the prices but also this post on 5 snacks under $1.00.

Below are more price changes for the week of April 18. Note that these prices are from our local store in Connecticut. This list includes the weekly sales where some prices actually went down in price.

Quick Tips to Saving Money at Aldi:

  1. Buy Frozen Veggies: Except for corn, peas, and spinach,  I normally don't buy frozen broccoli or cauliflower until I tried Aldi's California Medley (shown below).  I took a chance on this product when a small head of cauliflower, that  would onluy last one meal, was priced at $2.90 each in our local Aldi.  Know this item is on my weekly grocery list!
  2. Shred Your Chicken or Beef: I buy split chicken breast for $1.79 per lb., looking for packages priced around $5.00. Shredding the chicken breasts can yield enough for 2-3 meals. Use the chicken in tacos, enchiladas, fried rice, chili, soups, or stews. Also, the bones can be used to make chicken stock.
  3. Skip the Meatballs: instead of making meatballs from a pound of beef or turkey try using 1/2 to make a bolognese sauce and 1/2 for a chili or mixed with black beans served with rice.
  4. Find a bean that you like: I love black beans and will eat them for lunch most days! At $2.45 for 2 lb. of dried black beans, this is one of the most economical protein for our family. I cook 1 pound of beans in a slow cooker for 3 1/2 - 4 hours on high.
  5. Shop another store: Check out your regional supermarket's sales flyer because some items you normally buy at Aldi may be cheaper that week. If that store is near Aldi or your home, it may be worth going for additional savings. Our local ShopRite will have better prices on some produce each week. Their price for a gallon of organic milk ($4.99) has always been cheaper than Aldi. So I do shop at multiple stores.

California Medley