The Best Price For... Organic Apples!

The Best Price For... Organic Apples!


My family loves apples, especially Granny Smith. With 4 of the 6 of us eating apples daily, even if I sneak one in from time to time, we can go through tons, ok pounds, of apples.  I try to buy organic, when possible, because of the pesticides found on conventional apples.  

Of the stores that I shop at, which store has the best price... Aldi when these are in stock. On my last shopping trip our local Aldi only had Organic Gala. Whole Foods Market does not stock the 3 lb. bag regularly, so unfortunately we end up buying them by the pound.

Price Comparisons

Store Price Size Unit Price
Aldi $3.89 3 lb. $1.296/lb.
ShopRite $1.99 per lb. $1.99/lb.
ShopRite $4.99 3 lb. bag $1.663/lb.
Trader Joe's $2.89 2 lb. $1.445/lb.
Walmart out of stock $3.67 2 lb. bag $1.835/lb.
Whole Foods Market $4.99 3 lb. bag $1.663/lb.
Whole Foods Market $2.49 per lb. $2.49/lb.

Check out the shopper's guide to the EWG's Dirty Dozen here; a list of conventionally grown produce with the highest amount of pesticide residue.  Shop their Clean Fifteen™ list here.