A Budget Busted... My October Spending!


I am not a financial expert and don't claim to have all the answers but I approach this blog with honest numbers. Which is why I must say that the last 6 weeks have been challenging. I initially set a $100.00 monthly budget at Costco and a $100.00 weekly budget split between the other stores that I shop at. The majority of my budget was spent at Aldi and ShopRite with the occasional Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe's, and Target trip. However, I've gone back to eating mostly organic foods and have split my budget between Aldi and Whole Foods Market.

TOTAL SPENT: $656.27

October 29
Whole Foods Market: $12.67

October 28
Aldi: $44.58

October 26
Whole Foods Market: $65.85

October 22
Aldi: $67.33

October 20
Whole Foods Market: $35.68

October 18
Costco: $29.96

October 16
Aldi: $9.97

October 14
Aldi: $31.34

October 13
Whole Food Market: $54.92

October 11
Whole Foods Market: $4.50
Aldi: $4.08
ShopRite: $13.98
Aldi: $38.25

October 5
Farmers' Market: $13.00
Whole Foods Market: $49.57

October 2
Costco: $72.30
Whole Foods Market: $50.71

October 1
ShopRite: $8.47
Aldi: $49.16