My Weekly Shopping Trips for February 24!


Here are my grocery hauls for the week of February 24. A happy coincidence happened this week while looking over our local ShopRite weekly sales circular. If you buy a $50.00 gift card at GameStop this week, you receive $10.00 off next week's purchases. We planned on buying a video game this weekend for our boys so we waited until Sunday. I purchased a gift card to use toward the game and I have $10.00 to spend at ShopRite next week. Also, I renewed my membership at Costco to redeem my Costco Credit Card Rewards certificate. I've spent $61.39 so far. I have $45.81 remaining in our budget for February.

Sunday, February 24

I spent $10.26 at ShopRite

Donuts are not included in the photo but in the final total paid.

I spent $0.51 at Costco

This includes the cost, tax included, of 2 slices of pizza.

Monday, February 25

I spent $43.94 at Aldi

I saved over 34% by shopping at Aldi instead of ShopRite today.

Your Best Bets at Aldi This Week:

Product Size Aldi Price ShopRite Price
Oatmeal 42 oz. $2.39 $3.49
Applesauce 46 oz. $1.89 $2.53 (3 for $7.60)
Homestyle Waffles 10 ct. $1.19 $1.99
Avocados 1 each $0.49 $1.69
Navel Oranges 4 lb. $1.99 $4.99

I spent $6.68 at Walmart

I am starting to organize the papers that have been accumulating over the years and purchased a file cabinet. We ended up at Walmart and purchased the large container of goldfish while we were there.