My Weekly Shopping Trip for October 2!


UPDATED: October 4. I included the percent saved at Shoprite this week and what rebates I earned below.

Happy first week of October! It's time to reset the budget to 0 and plan for the upcoming holidays without spending too much money. I am currently averaging $520.43 a month on groceries, which is over my initial plan of $500.00 a month or $6,000.00 annually. If I reduce my monthly budget to $438 through the end of the year, I will have averaged $500.00 a month for 2018. Check out the monthly shopping totals for 2018 here.

Today, I went to 4 stores in less than 2 1/2 hours and spent $95.99 on groceries this week. This included free soup and Annie's Mac & Cheese for $0.60 a box!

All of my coupons scanned at Shoprite this week, but the total on my shopping list was off $0.13. After looking over my Shoprite receipt, which can be a bit challenging, I noticed that the soup was a $0.25 money maker but my Cheerios coupon was reduced by $0.12 because with the sale price and digital coupon, the total was $0.88. Therefore, when the $0.50 off 1 coupon doubled, it only took $0.38 off the total.

I spent $18.99 at Aldi

I spent $57.99 at Shoprite

I saved almost 60% off the regular prices this week through sale prices, digital coupons, and clipped or printed coupons.

I earned the $1.54 from SavingStar:

  • $1.00 on Big G Cereals
  • $0.50 on Annie's
  • $0.04 from the 1% off Goya® Products

I earned $4.20 from Ibotta:

  • $1.00 Whole Fruit® Fruit Bars
  • 2 - $1.50 Halo Top® Ice Cream
  • $0.20 Any Item

I spent $19.01 at Trader Joe's and Costco

Here is my list that I shopped from this week: