My Weekly Grocery Haul for September 15!


So, I went shopping on Saturday, a day early, because it was our anniversary. To save money, we decided to get our "take out" dinner from Trader Joe's. Our family rarely goes out for dinner so we chose spaghetti with salad and bread. The kids had meatballs with their noodles. I did the rest of my monthly Trader Joe's shopping on Saturday and Aldi's list on Sunday morning.

While I was at Target on Monday, I picked up Cream of Wheat for $3.59. Since it is $4.59 at our local ShopRite, I buy it at Target every few months.

My Weekly Total: $98.32

Farmers' Market (09/15/19)
Tomato: $1.00 (2 @ $0.50)
Green Peppers: $1.00 (2 @ $0.50)
Zucchini: $0.50
Arugula: $2.00 Butter Lettuce: $2.00
Total: $6.50

Here is my shopping list for Trader Joe's:

Sorry, no picture for this trip. The 3 items with a red arrow indicate our "take out" dinner. The extras cost $8.77. I had noodles in the pantry and picked up lettuce at the Farmers' Market earlier in the day. Our boys had the meatballs for dinner and there were enough leftovers for 2 school lunches.

My Trader Joe's Total: $45.89

Here is my shopping list for Aldi:

My Aldi Total: $42.34