My Weekly Grocery Haul for June 2!


Happy June! I decided to take it easy on Sunday, so I only went to 2 stores. I left the other 2 stores for Monday. Since it's the first of the month, it was time for my monthly trip to Costco. I ended the shopping trip $4.94 under budget at Costco and $0.74 over at the remaining 3 stores.

Day 1

After getting the Sunday papers, I headed to Aldi to do the bulk of my grocery shopping this week. Check out this week's price comparisons here.

I spent $59.33 at Aldi

Day 2

On Monday, I headed to the remaining 2 stores to finish my weekly shopping. I had $1.20 remaining from the Whole Foods Market gift card I earned from Ibotta.

I spent $23.94 at Whole Foods Market

I spent $17.47 at ShopRite