My Weekend Shopping Trip for September 29!


Sadly, there are only 2 weekends left for our local Farmer's Market. I only spent $2.00 on peppers and tomatoes because they did not have any lettuce this week and I was at the end of my budget. There was a request in the house to make beef stew on Sunday, and coincidentally, the beef stew was on sale at Whole Foods this week! I used my Amazon Prime Membership to save an additional 10% off the stew meat this weekend. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial, if you are not a member, to take advantage of the savings.

Whole Foods Market|Rolled Oats|Bulk|2.60/lb.|$0.99/lb.||$2.57|
Whole Foods Market|Beef Stew Meat||1.64/lb.|$4.99/lb.|Prime 10% OFF ($0.81)|$7.27
Whole Foods Market|Black Forest Ham|Plainville|0.46/lb.|$11.99/lb.||$5.52
Whole Foods Market|Organic Yellow Popcorn|Bulk|0.62/lb|$2.29/lb.||$1.42|
Whole Foods Market|Crackers|365 Saltines||$2.99||$2.99
Whole Foods Market|Beef Broth|365|32 oz.|$2.99||$2.99
Whole Foods Market|Russet Potato||1.47/lb.|$0.79/lb.||$1.16
Farmer's Market||||||$2.00