My Thanksgiving Day Menu
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My Thanksgiving Day Menu


I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the day.  Have you started prepping for Thursday? I am going to make a few things on Wednesday so I can get the turkey on the table around 1:00 P.M. Here is my menu for a family of 6, very different eaters; 4 meat-eaters, 1 picky eater, and a vegetarian! Yes, it is a lot of food. However, if I am going to spend time cooking, I will definitely make enough for left overs that will last through Saturday. Thankfully my family eats leftovers!

The Recipes

Mashed Potatoes
Rainbow Veggie Tart
Maple Roasted Carrots
Cauliflower au Gratin
Yuca Fritters
Apple Pie Filling

Short Cuts in the Kitchen

Making Thanksgiving dinner can be a bit challenging when there are several things to prepare. I save some time with a few short cuts found at the grocery store.

Gravy: I use the recipe from the turkey but make it vegetarian by using vegetable broth. The gravy is seasoned with the more spice rub to compensate for the turkey drippings. This year I will be using Better-Than-Boullion base since Aldi was out of vegetable broth on Sunday when I went shopping.

Rainbow Veggie Tart: I am using pesto from Aldi in the tart instead of making my own to save some time, especially since this is a new recipe for me.

Stuffing: I use packaged stuffing from Whole Foods Market.

Apple Pie: I use frozen pre-made crusts to save time.


Menu Wednesday Thursday
Turkey Prep Rub In the Oven
Mashed Potatoes Make Early/Keep Warm in Slow Cooker
Stuffing Prep Veggies Make on Stove Top
Gravy Make on Stove Top
Roasted Carrots Prep In Oven
Rainbow Tart Prep & Make Reheat
Cauliflower Prep & Make Reheat
Yuca Fritters Make while Turkey is in the oven
Apple Pie Filling Prep while turkey is in the oven
Make while eating dinner

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