My Shopping Trips for the Week of February 17!


UPDATE: February 25, 2019

I went to 3 stores in less than 3 hours on Sunday morning. The stores seemed more crowded than usual but not surprising since the weather forecast had predicted 1 to 3 inches of snow and freezing rain for Monday. It was back to Target later in the afternoon to pick up a vacuum. It stopped working and the cost of getting replacement parts was too high to entertain the idea of repairing it. So, I picked up animal crackers for $1.99 bringing my total spent on food for the week to $100.85.

I made an additional trip to ShopRite on Saturday to take advantage of the 2 day sale on orange juice. I paired the sales price with the coupons I had to save over 55% off the regular prices. Also, I earned $1.20 rebate from Ibotta from purchasing Dave's Killer Bread® Bagels and the orange juice counted as an "any item".

Product Quantity Price Coupons Sale Price
Orange Juice 4 $1.99 $3.00 $4.96
Bagels 6 pk. $3.99 $3.99
Total $8.95

My final total for the week ending on Saturday, February 23, was $109.80.

I spent $53.45 at ShopRite

I saved over 52% this week at ShopRite.
  • $48.14 on food
  • $4.99 on household items
  • $0.32 on tax

I spent $47.23 at Aldi

I saved over 33% by shopping at Aldi instead of ShopRite today.

Your Best Bets at Aldi This Week:

Product Size Aldi Price ShopRite Price
Oatmeal 42 oz. $2.39 $3.49
Applesauce 46 oz. $1.89 $2.53 (3 for $7.60)
Greek Yogurt 32 oz. $3.49 $4.99 (on sale)
Cream Cheese (Neufchatel) 8 oz. $0.79 $1.50 (on sale)
Pure Vanilla 2 oz. $3.65 $5.99

I spent $3.49 at Whole Foods Market

I redeemed a $20.00 gift card from Ibotta to use for this purchase. My Ibotta rebates earned go to Whole Food Gift cards.