My Shopping Trips for October 28 & 29


Here are my shopping trips the week ending November 3. I shopped 4 stores in 2 days keeping the budget under $100.00. I had some help in the form of a $20.00 gift card at Whole Foods Market that I earned from my Ibotta rebates. I also had a $3.00 Catalina coupon I earned when I purchased Halloween candy, again! The savings are reflected in the totals below. Check out my monthly shopping totals here.

Sunday, October 28

I spent $5.98 at ShopRite

There's no picture of this trip but here's what I bought:

  • 2 - Loaves of Bread @ $1.99 each
  • 2 - Chobani Yogurts 4 pack

I used a $1.00 Chobani coupon that expired that day and a $3.00 off my next purchase coupon earned last week when buying Nestle Halloween candy to reduce the total spent.

I spent $2.18 at Whole Foods Market

I used the $20.00 earned from Ibotta, my Amazon Prime Membership, and the BYO Bag discount of $.10 per bag to bring my total spent down to $2.18. I thought of not including this discount but over the course of a year this savings adds up. Assuming you shop at Whole Foods Market once a week, you can save $5.20 annually per bag.

I saved $11.78 with Amazon Prime. I purchased the chuck roast for $3.99/lb. Non-Prime members still pay the regular price of $7.99/lb. If you are not a Prime member, try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

I spent $19.51 at Trader Joe's

Monday, October 29

I spent $46.69 at Aldi

I spent $21.58 at ShopRite

I saved over 48% on groceries this week at Shoprite this week. My freebie food find for the week was a box of SuperPretzels. Combining the sale price with an ecoupon and a clipped coupon (SS 10/28/18, exp. 12/31/18), the final out of pocket paid was 0!

I spent $3.14 at ShopRite

I saved over 81% off the regular prices on household items this week. Make your own BOGO with the $2.00 off 2 allĀ® Laundry Detergents (RMN 10/28/18, exp. 11/25/18) and ShopRite ecoupon for $1.00 off 1.

Product Amount Sale Price Type Coupons Total
Colgate 3 $.99 Printable 2 @ .50
ShopRite ecoupons $.83 $.16
allĀ® 2 $2.98 Clipped $2.00
ShopRite ecoupon $1.00 $2.98