My Monthly Costco Grocery Haul

My Monthly Costco Grocery Haul


Happy September! Here is my monthly grocery haul. Even with criss crossing the store, I managed to keep the total under my $100.00 budget. Thanks to a few price reductions, sales, and a product replacement this month, I spent $98.66.

  • Blueberries: $.60 (decrease from price on my list)
  • Organic Spinach: $.70 (decrease from price on my list)
  • Dave's Killer Bread: $1.60 (savings, on sale)
  • Skinnypop: $2.00 (savings, on sale)

Note that I adjust the price differences while shopping to reflect the final amount spent.

New Greek Yogurt!

The 2 pack of 32 ounces of Kirkland Signature Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt has been replaced by a 48 ounce organic version. I normally budget for two, 2 packs of yogurt, but given my picky eaters, I opted for one Organic Greek Yogurt to try it. That freed up room in my budget for... strawberries. I conteplated getting the chips that were on sale but decided to get the fruit for more smoothies!