My Grocery Shopping Haul for the Week of March 17!


March madness can be used to describe this week's shopping. Normally, I just post my grocery haul photos and the prices but I thought I'd share with you how I actually shopped this week. It was a bit crazy this weekend but I managed to go to the stores I wanted for the meals I have planned for the week. Think of it as a cardio work out without having to go to the gym. Which is great considering I did not make it there on Sunday.

Since our oldest is home from college for spring break I am shopping for 6 people this week. That explains why I have spent $158.21 on groceries and $22.84 on personal care products this week.

Starting at 8:00AM on Sunday, I went to:

  1. ShopRite: Weekly grocery shopping trip. I spent $45.51 at ShopRite on Food
  2. Dollar Tree: pick up the Sunday paper for coupons and candy ($1.06 added to the food spending totals) for the movies.
  3. HOME: Unpack,photograph, and put away perishable groceries. Get the family in the car and remember to bring the tickets I purchased earlier this week.
  4. Movie Drop Off
  5. Bank: Withdraw cash for the rest of the groceries and gas.
  6. Whole Foods Market: Every other week trip to pick up lunch meat.I spent $25.63 at Whole Foods Market
  7. Costco: It was time to buy frozen pineapple and bran cereal. Since we still had another box of Bran Flakes from Trader Joe's, I went to Costco for pineapple and spent $33.94.
  8. Starbucks: I had a balance on a gift card from Christmas so I treated myself to a cup of tea. A grande tea comes with 2 tea bags, but you can ask for one in the cup and take the second tea bag home. It's a BOGO!
  9. HOME: Unpack, photograph, and put away the groceries. I was craving something sweet but did not see anything exciting at Starbucks, so I made cinnamon sugar toast.
  10. CVS: I had Extra Care Bucks and coupons to use toward my purchase. I spent $12.16
  11. Movie Pick Up: back to the mall to pick up the family. While waiting, I ran into Target to get 2 things (that turned into 5) and look at the blenders and food processors.
  12. Gas: Filled up the tank.
  13. HOME for the rest of the day: We made it back shortly after 1:00. My total mileage on the car was less than 20 miles because the stores are so close together.

Sunday, March 17

I spent $45.51 at ShopRite on Food

I spent $25.63 at Whole Foods Market and $33.94 at Costco

Ok, I am going to Costco more than I anticipated after I renewed the membership. However, since I cut meat out of my diet, I eat a lot more spinach. The one pound container of Earthbound Spinach is $3.79 compared to $6.99 at ShopRite.

I spent $25.23 at Target

No picture for this trip, but here are the items I purchased. Yes, 3 out of the 5 were not planned purchases. Proving once again, it is best to grocery shop alone!
  • Goldfish
  • Pistachios (husband added it!)
  • Tazo Tea (48 ct. box)
  • Tic Tacs (husband added it!)
  • Kit Kat (husband added it!)

I spent $22.50 on Personal Care and Household products at ShopRite and CVS

Dove 6 pack of soap is not shown in the photo but included in price.
Product Store Sale Price Total Coupons Total Paid
Dove Bar Soap, 6 pk. ShopRite $6.99 $2.75 $4.24
Sundown Adult Vitamins ShopRite $4.94 $4.00 $0.94
Sundown Iron ShopRite $2.99 $4.00 (wyb 2) -$1.01
Schick Razor Blades ShopRite $9.96 $6.50 $3.46
Schick Razor ShopRite $8.99 $7.00 $1.99
Subtotals $10.68 (including $1.06 tax)
Sundown Kids Vitamins CVS $14.79 $4.00 $10.79
Sundown Kids Vitamins CVS $14.79 BOGO Free Sale $0.00
Schick Razor Blades CVS $14.79 $0.00 $14.79
Schick Razor CVS $12.49 BOGO Free up to $12.29 $0.20
Subtotals $14.00 ECB $12.16 (including $0.38 tax)
Totals $22.84

I earned $8.00 Extra Care Bucks at CVS on Sunday.

Monday, March 18

I spent $26.84 at Aldi