My Grocery Haul for the Week of March 10


Here are my latest totals for this week! I spent $99.81 so far! Not pictured, is a dark chocolate bar from Dollar Tree. The last dark chocolate was calling my name as I shopped the store. I needed to pick up a few supplies to make a leprachaun trap for our first grader's family project. I opted for green duck tape to cover an Aldi coffee can. Although it wasn't the exact shade I was looking for, I saved the time going to a craft store and the extra money. Joann's price was $4.99. No glitter for me this year! Even with newspapers covering the dining table, it managed to find it way onto the table.

Sunday, March 10

I spent $25.36 at Costco

Monday, March 11

I spent $38.38 at Aldi

I spent $39.50 $35.01 at ShopRite, including $0.24 for 3 deodorants!

I returned the hotdogs because of the expiration date. It wasn't clear on the packaging and I didn't check in the store. I am usually good at checking the dates, but this was a new item. I remember thinking that there are only 6 hotdogs in this package when those at Aldi and Coleman Natural (which was out of stock) have 8, that I completely forgot to look at the date. Thankfully, ShopRite was kind enough to let me return it 2 days later, when I was in the area.