My Costco Grocery Hauls for January 2020...


...and the price of organic brown rice!

Well, what happens when you forget your phone in the car at Costco? I should have went back to the car because my list is on the phone but I did not. I checked my list when I returned to the car and was tempted to run back in but I park so far from the store and I wore wedges. Cute wedges, but not the best choice for a quick dash in and out of Costco of all places! So I went back a third time to Costco this month for the brown rice I forgot. Each week I drive by the store that an extra trip doesn't cost in terms of gas. Overall, I spent $157.08.

Trip 1

Trip 2

Trip 3

So on my third trip to Costco, I took advantage of the sales and stocked up on almonds. I spent $52.44, saving $13.90 off the Costco prices but more than $50.00 when compared to the prices at Aldi and Whole Foods for what I bought. However, the problem I have when buying some items, like nuts, in bulk is that we may eat more of it at a faster rate. So am I really saving money? Well after my oldest son inhaled the 28 oz. bag of almonds in a blink, I started dividing them in 16 oz. portions hoping to slow the rate of consumption. I use left over Talenti containers for that.

Costco Savings

Product Costco Price Size Price at Other Store Size Overall Savings
Organic Brown Rice - On Sale $10.49 12 lb./$0.056 $2.59 (Aldi) 28 oz./$0.093 per oz. $7.27
Organic Brown Rice $13.89 12 lb./$0.072 per oz. $2.59 (Aldi) 28 oz./$0.093 per oz. $3.87
Organic Almonds - On Sale $10.89 28 oz./$0.389 per oz. $7.99 (Whole Foods Market) 10 oz./$0.799 per oz. $14.00
Organic Almonds $14.89 28 oz./$0. per oz. $2.59 (Aldi) 28 oz./$0.093 per oz. $3.87
Vegetable Potstickers $10.59 48 oz. or approx. 68 pieces/$0.094 ea. $2.99 (Whole Foods Market) 8 oz. or 8 pieces/$0.374 ea. $14.84

Note: When calculating the savings for the Veggie Potstickers, I used the price of what I buy at Whole Foods Market. It is not organic but it is the one I like.