My Costco Grocery Haul for May

My Costco Grocery Haul for May


Earlier this year I reluctantly renewed our Costco membership, because I wanted to redeem my Costco Visa rewards check. I welcomed the short break I took from going to Costco. It was nice to have one less store to run in and out of each month. However, we live so close to Costco that it made sense to renew my membership. My only concern was how to factor this store into my shopping plan that has been off the rails lately.

I needed a plan:

So after a few months of shopping the store, I finally have it. Going forward, my goal is to spend $100 a month at Costco, preferably in 1 trip. To control costs, I only shop for the items at Costco that save me most money. Below is a screenshot of my shopping list and those items that I purchased. I did not include the Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips in the total spent and overall savings total. I need to return them because the bag was split down the back center seam. Of course I only noticed it after I got home.

I spent $72.89 at Costco

Costco Comparison

Product Amt. Costco Price Store Price Costco Savings
Greek Yogurt 2 $5.99 Aldi $13.96 $1.98
Frozen Pineapple 5 lb. Bag $8.39 Trader Joe's 5 @ $1.79 $0.56
Frozen Organic Blueberries 3 lb. $8.59 Aldi $2.89 (10 oz.) $5.28
Roasted Almonds 40 oz. $11.59 Aldi $5.49/14.75 oz. $3.29
Dave's Killer Bread 2 loaves $7.99 ShopRite $5.99 $3.99
Cheese Pizza 4 ct. $5.99 (on sale) Aldi 4 @ $2.19 $2.77
Sharp Cheddar Cheese 2 lb. $5.39 Aldi $1.69 (8 oz. block) $1.37
Organic Spinach 16 oz. $3.99 ShopRite $4.99 $1.00
Organic Tortilla Chips 40 oz. $4.99 Aldi $1.99 (11 oz.) $2.25
Ciabatta Rolls 16 ct. $3.99 ShopRite $2.99 (4 ct.) $7.97
Overall Savings $30.46

I calculated the savings amount by taking to competitor's store's price and dividing it by that size. The number was then multiplied by the Costco size. I subtracted that total from the Costco price to determine the savings.

I also tried to find the most comparable item to find for each example.