Are You Shopping for Halloween Candy This Year?


I am not sure what Halloween will look like this year but the stores are stocked with plenty of candy.  From chocolate to hard candy there are Halloween treats for everyone at every price. Here are some of the prices from the stores I shop at, including Amazon.


Our local Aldi

Click here for our Aldi Halloween price list with product details and unit pricing. Use the list when comparing the prices to those of your local grocery stores. If you are like me, I shop at more than one store!

If you are a Costco, check out the selection below. Feel like skipping the stores? Order from Amazon. Check out their deals below. Target also has a sale this week.


Product Costco Price Contents Size Price Per Piece
All Chocolate Bag (Fun Size) $15.99 Snickers, Kit Kat, M&Ms, Almond Joy, Milky Way, Crunch, Reese's, Peanut M&Ms, and Twix 90 oz./150 pieces $0.106 each
Funhouse Candy Kirkland Signature $13.99 Assorted Candies; Nerds, Haribo, Swedish Fish, Life Savers Gummies, Sweetarts, Skittles, Twizzlers Twists, Starburst, and Sour Patch Kids 92 oz. $0.152 per oz.


Join Target Circle and get 30% off selected Halloween Candy through September 26. The sales applies to the $9.99 and $15.99 bags.