Final 2018 Spending Totals!

Final 2018 Spending Totals!


After 52 weeks of shopping and way too many receipts, my final shopping totals are calculated. Take a look at the numbers. For a family of 5 during the school year and 6 when our daughter is home from college, I spent:

Annually: $6330.56

Monthly: $527.55

Weekly: $121.74

Daily: $17.34

Weekly, Per Person: $20.29

For greater detail check out my totals for shopping trips in 2018 here. How much did you spend in 2018 on groceries?

What category does your budget fit into based on the USDA's Food Plan Costs? We are certainly in the thrifty category. Our totals are less than $147.80 a week suggested for a family of 4!